Sunday, May 22, 2011

Dalton's Bar and Grill (611 9th Ave, New York, NY 10036)

I ended up at Dalton's on a fluke and was expecting a typical sports bar experience with big TV's, lots of noise, and mediocre food slathered in grease.  Much of this holds true with addition of a surprising hot dog offering, so I whipped out a pen and paper and started taking notes; here's what I found:

We were seated in their 'outdoor section', a few chairs and tables separated from busy sidewalk by a short vinyl fence.  For New York this is standard, and the weather was nice enough that I was happy for the option.  More importantly, it was a nice way of removing ourselves from the large TV's and general sports bar ambiance.  The food itself was comparable to most sports bars, but it was the extras that caught my eye.  I appreciate a good attention to detail, and this is how it came out in the wash:

The Dog: 3/5
I'm fairly sure the actual meat part was a straight-up ballpark frank.  Not exactly the highest quality dog, but not the worst I've had.  They were grilled, light and fluffy, with a nice crispy outside and toasted buns.  They came topped with relish, tomatoes, kraut, and onions.  That's what brings the rating up to a 3, even if the dog itself isn't the best quality the entire package was pretty good.

Acoutrement: 5/5
This is why I like going out to eat in Manhattan, even the most typical places will have exceptional offerings.  Wasabi Mayo, Honey BBQ sauces, all the standard hot dog toppings; it was a pleasant surprise for your average sports bar.  Though they aren't typically served with the dogs I highly recommend the Wasabi and BBQ sauces, they were rich and flavorful and good for both fries and dog.  The Honey BBQ was especially good and even a bit spicy.  Get a side of both.
Value: 3/5
$10.50 for 2 dogs and a huge side of fries, not bad at all.  Apparently the fries alone are $4 which brings each hot dog to $3.25, not the best value I've seen, but considering all the toppings and sides and everything else, I was pleased.

Other: 3/5
Nothing huge to report in this category.  The staff was friendly and their was some outdoor seating.  For people who like sports, they have more TV's then Best Buy.  Also, they've got a great happy hour that goes until 8pm.

Overall: 3/5
I'll go there again, I'm sure.  The dogs were alright, but the sauces were so freakin' good that I feel them calling to me again. 

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