Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Rippers (Far Rockaway Beach, 86th st.)

When I found this place I was actually looking for a much talked about taco joint on Rockaway Beach (rockaway taco, in fact).  When I found said 'taco' place, they only had some mexican-eque food, but not actual tacos.  In pure disgust I decided to drown my sorrows in a day full of hot dogs.  Good thing too, I discovered tasty delights.
This is the shop sign.  They obviously live on their reputation, not advertising.

In this particular part of the beach, this is really the only spot to eat making it a no brainer decision.  A bit further up the beach there is a collection of other spots conglomerated together (including the hateful fake taco place), but go with this one.  The discerning crowds should be enough to convince you, but just in case you need more prodding to try one of the better foods on the beach, read on.

Happy half-naked crowds!
  The Dog: 5/5
 Of course, the most important category, and I have to say, it was a surprise and delight.  I mean, when dealing with a little shack on the beach that basically has the exclusive market of food on this section of sand, I'd expect the quality to be so-so and the prices exorbitant.  But the dog was...excellent.  Really more of a sausage, but still retaining it's inherent hot-dog-ness.  A great snap to the dog with a fairly tough casing that was fun to bite through.  It's big, round, plump, and juicy, and it's even got a little bit of a spicy kick.  And the size!  Not too big!  Not too little!  Frequent readers will know of my obsession with the hotdog/bun ratio problem and they solved it but having dogs that fit the nice soft (potato?) bun precisely both in length and height.  Well played Rippers, well played.

A nice shot of the dog.
Value: 3/5
$4.00, not bad for a plump, sausage like dog, but it's not exactly a great deal either.  At least they don't rip you off for 'beach' food.  

Acoutrement: 4/5
A nice shot of the toppings.  Too tasty to wait for pics.
 They had everything I needed to enjoy my dog completely, and with some extras as well.  Mayo, ketchup, spicy mustard, relish, and hot sauce.  They also have cheese, jalapeƱos, and kraut for ¢.50, not bad.  Nothing special to brag about, but they cover all the bases well and you could probably talk them into adding some more toppings from the hamburger/salad area if you wanted.

Other: 4/5
 Juices!  Beers!  Weird Drinks!  The beach!  I mean, some of the things seem a little incongruous, like I wasn't expecting an entire health/juice bar on one part of the menu and delicious hot dogs on the other, but I'll accept it.     
Don't be confused by the other beige boxes that look exactly the same.
Some drinks to take note of, the spicy lemonade and the specialty juice mixes.  I'd avoid the ice tea though.  Also, they have a slew of salads and other healthy type things, which goes along with this vaguely eco-healthy-hippy thing they have going on.  The packaging of the foods is all post-consumer recycled paper and is again recyclable which appeals to the bleeding heart liberal/Oregonian/Nature child in me.  You know, the part that doesn't live on processed meats.

Overall: 4/5
  And why the hell not?  I mean really?  I'd go there again in a heartbeat if I found myself in the area.  It's not necessarily the kind of place I'd go out of my way to eat at, but if I was in that area again I'd definitely make the trek down the beach.  It's good, not too pricey, and just different enough that it stood out among all the other countless hotdogs I've had, in a good way.