Monday, January 7, 2013

Mexican BLVD.

Some places you just love to love, and Mexico Blvd. is one of them. I won't say I wasn't skeptical, and when you walk by a pimped out black van claiming to sell authentic Mexican tacos in the middle of the Ultra-Hip Dumbo neighborhood in Brooklyn, a little skepticism is expected. I walked by a full four times, made a face at the $3 per taco menu, and eventually decided it's my god given duty to sample what they had to offer. I am humbled to say I was blown away.

Who can resist that face?  Who I ask?!  WHO?!
When you visit this truck, and you absolutely must, the first thing you'll see is a mop of curly hair above a good looking boyish face with a huge grin on it. If that doesn't lure you in, ask him about where he's from and the story behind the food and he'll tell you about his families journey from Mexico City, the hours they spend slow roasting the meat, and the take-to-your-grave secret sauce recipes. He convinced me to try just about one of each taco and threw some guacamole into the mix. Here's what you should try (I recommend a bit of everything).

The Taco: 5/5
Food Porn. Hmmmm.
Greasy taco truck this ain't. If you're looking for delectable and fried bits of mystery meat from parts of a cow you didn't know existed, this isn't the place for you. What you'll get instead is happiness all over your mouth. Warm, gooey, savory, salty, rich, delicious happiness. I forgot to ask which tacos were which, so I couldn't tell them apart all that well, and I have to say I didn't care. The marinated meats, with all the sauces were moist and full of kick. Their great-grandmother, who created the recipes, knew was she was talking about when it comes to marinades. They are absolutely nothing like the street tacos I've had in Mexico, and yet still feel fully from south of the border. Even with the overtones of Texas BBQ and smokey goodness, it doesn't lose its inherent Mexican-ness.

Acoutrement: 4/5
You see that? A whole pineapple slice. Truth.
Sure, there aren't certain things you'd expect like a choice of green or red or orange salsa to add on your own, or pickled carrots and jalapeƱos, but what they do offer makes up for it. They've got a spicy sauce you can toss onto any taco (yes yes yes) and the Al Pastor comes with a whole stick of fresh Pineapple. Amazing. Also, their guacamole tastes fresh and somehow green and.....well, it's just worth it. Buy a side of it and put it on everything. It's good by itself, on a taco, with chips, spread it on your little brother, wherever.

Value: 3/5
We are talking a $3 truck taco here, so when I say we've got a value of 3/5 that's because of what you get for $3. There's no weak Filling-to-Tortilla ratio here, it's balanced perfectly and three tacos will fill you up no problem. Two would likely do the trick, and while that's a bit steep for those accustomed to $1.50 street tacos, what you get is worth more than twice the value.

What is this?  I have no idea.  Was it delicious? You bet.
Other: 4/5

I wasn't sure what to put into this category until I visited their website. My thought was, if you don't even have a place to sit, your other category will probably get a low score.  (Also, there's a little grocery store across the street with tables and cheap drinks, go sit there if you need a spot.) But then, GENIUS!, they are a truck, and trucks deliver. But do they deliver? No, they cater. You know what sold me on this category? A taco birthday. That's what they advertise. So, if you're planning my birthday, let's get these guys together and have a killer house party. They also travel around to different areas of NYC instead of sticking to their usual spot in Dumbo. Anyone that believes in  spreading the taco love enough to head over t Queens gets a thumbs up from me.

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NY knows food trucks. Mexico City knows taco. Put the two together and BAM, you get this place. It's even worth the trip to Dumbo. Don't want to wait in line for an hour at Grimaldi's?  No problem, just visit Mexican Blvd. Never venture outside Manhattan? Have them cater your next event. Either way, you gotta meat (get it, MEAT?) these guys and try their stellar taco.