Rating Criteria

Food will be rated on four categories (if all four categories apply), each category will be rated out of a total of 5 possible points:

The Item:  Taking nothing else into consideration, the quality of the hot dog or taco.  Taste, texture, etc.  Is the hot dog firm to the bite? Does it have that crisp snap we all crave?  Is your carne asada pan fried or grilled?  Was it marinated? 

Accoutrement (toppings)
: I vital thing to consider, and something that can change your meal significantly.  What is a taco without it's salsa?  What's a hot dog without mustard?  This category covers not only the variety, but the quality of said dressings.

Value: Even the most delicious hot dog in the world doesn't do much for us if isn't at least 6" long, and a decent cost/benefit analysis is a vital part of any critique.  In other words: size matters, so does price. 

Other: A broad and vague category meant to include any surprising extras we might find along with the main event.  Does each taco come with a free margarita?  That'll be mentioned here.  Does your favorite hot dog stand offer buns made of pumpernickel, ocean views, or pints of beer?  This is the category for you.

From there, we will assess our overall experience and give you:

The Final Score:  Taking into account the above criteria, the overall score will be out of 5 as well, broken down as such:

1/5: Avoid this putrid hellhole as you would the plague; there is no reason to waste your time or money here, it will only result in anger, shame, and embarrassment for everyone involved.

 2/5: Just not that good.  I mean, if you're starving than fine, but really, unless it's REALLY cheap and you're on a REALLY tight budget, avoid it.  

3/5:  Meh.  Not a disaster but not the place you tell your friends about, this is your average hot dog cart kinda spot; it works in a pinch if it's the only place around or it's late at night and you're hammered.

4/5:  A good solid joint.  This is the kind of place we live on regularly, a regular go to, though it may not melt your soul every single time, it's a solid choice.

5/5:  Yes please!  Take your friends!  show your mom!  Few places make your soul shudder with unaccounted pleasure, these places get this sort of rating. 

(these servers might fall under the 'other' category.  They'll probably boost your overall score as well)